wine grapes
  "Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine has ever been granted by the gods to man." - Socrates  

Wine + Sommelier = Enlightenment

Wine - It’s not just for dinner anymore! Both wine and food have become a lifestyle, a focal point in our daily lives that gives us sustenance, as well as pleasure.

For many it also has become the hot topic at the water cooler, “Hey Bob, guess what I had with my chicken last night.” For others it has become additions to their homes, storing liquid tomes of experiences to come. Yet, how do we continue to enlighten ourselves about wine, whether it be that bottle of two buck something we bought, or that two grand thing in our cellar?

That path to enlightenment is the same, but with just some different experiences along the way. Whether it is your thirst for that next great wine region, or maybe having a great wine and food pairing experience, or having a comprehensive wine tasting of those great Bordeaux from your cellar, there can be something arranged to guide you down that path.